July Planet

And the Creator said, “let there be light.” And the flickering screen was alight.

Permalink The Sunken Garden was my hang-out place. A habitue of the Grandstand, I would usually stay and sit on its tiered pavement on my breaks from classes.

The Grandstand now sitting on the edge of the Sunken Garden is new. The old was taken down to give way to a more ingenuously-designed structure. Nevertheless, the Grandstand remains a meeting place for friends and an al-fresco classroom for students.

I remember rolling in the grass with a former churchmate here. We were from the Main Library far across from the Grandstand strolling through Sunken Garden’s field of carabao grass. We felt playing and ended up rolling on the grass under the summer heat. After that an uncomfortable itch attacked me. I ended up scratching my whole body.
Permalink As Philippine politics saw the fall of the dictatorship in mid 1980s, the 500-peso bill, bearing the face of then President Ferdinand Marcos, was stopped from reaching circulation. His successor President Corazon Aquino, wife of Marcos’ political enemy, ordered for the redesign of the bill.

The 500-peso bill now bears Corazon Aquino’s killed husband Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino.

What food brings back childhood memories?

Since I was a kid, I love pork Sinigang, a stew soured by adding extracts of tamarind. When I was in Grade Six, my younger brother and I had Sinigang for early lunch before going to school. To my mother’s surprise, my brother and I ate half of the rice pot.

I like my Sinigang ultimately sour and meat lean. Actually, a big bowl of soup is already fine with me. Forget the vegetables, however. I leave them untouched.


Why blog?

For the past months, I have halted writing about my life and focused on other aspects of life instead, talking about it in third person and writing about it in my other blog. It was ‘safe’ storytelling. It was story writing devoid of myself. I was simply not there.

Yet, there comes a time that one’s emotion spurs him back into telling his life in words again—in random stories and thoughts that aim to express and impart. That was just happened. I was walking when I felt sharing a part of me again. It was an interesting serendipity.

Permalink As they say, New Year brings New Life. That means new chances to all people—including those struggling to get better.

Permalink Students use ‘old manual typewriters’ in typing course

In the age of wireless keyboards and touchscreens, Polytechnic University of the Philippines’s [PUP’s] introductory typing course still uses typewriters.

Philippinecollegian.org, the online site of the University of the Philippine’s [UP’s], showed a photo of students typing on “old manual typewriters without paper and ribbon cartridges.”

It further described that PUP, together with UP, composes the 112 Philippine state universities and colleges “confronting decrepit facilities.” It accuses “decades of budgetary neglect” as a prime reason for the predicament.