July Planet

And the Creator said, “let there be light.” And the flickering screen was alight.

The Sunken Garden was my hang-out place. A habitue of the Grandstand, I would usually stay and sit on its tiered pavement on my breaks from classes.

The Grandstand now sitting on the edge of the Sunken Garden is new. The old was taken down to give way to a more ingenuously-designed structure. Nevertheless, the Grandstand remains a meeting place for friends and an al-fresco classroom for students.

I remember rolling in the grass with a former churchmate here. We were from the Main Library far across from the Grandstand strolling through Sunken Garden’s field of carabao grass. We felt playing and ended up rolling on the grass under the summer heat. After that an uncomfortable itch attacked me. I ended up scratching my whole body.

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